904L Stainless Steel Pipe

We offer 904L stainless steel pipe in both welded pipe and seamless pipe for pressure purposes, there are a large range of sizes, and can be use in many applications, which 316L and 317L perform poorly, 904L contains sufficient alloy content to improve performance in corrosion resistance.

904L Stainless Steel Pipe Specifications

Specification ASTM A249, A213, A269, A789, A790
Grade 904L
Finish Annealing pickling
NPS 1/8″ – 24″
Sch Sch5 – Sch160
Shapes Round, U bend type
Application Heat exchanger, boiler, condenser, cooler, heater

904L Stainless Steel

904L is high nickel composition with low carbon content, copper alloy adding, which improve its resistance to corrosion, it is typical super Austenitic stainless steel, alternative grades sre DIN 1.4539 and UNS N08904, 904L have better properties than other austenitic stainless steels.

904L Stainless Steel Chemical Composition (max %):

Grade Ni Cr Mo Cu C Mn Si P S Fe
904L 23 – 28 19 – 23 4 -5 1 – 2 0.02 2 1 0.045 0.035 Balance

904L Stainless Steel Mechanical Properties

Grade Tensile Strength Yeild Strength Elognation Hardness
904L 490 Mpa 215 Mpa 35% 90 HRB max

Tensile Strength and Yeild Strength are minimium value.

904L Stainless Steel Features

  • Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking, pitting and crevice corrosionin, intergranular corrosion resistance
  • Excellent formability, machinability and weldability
  • High temperature resistance

904L Limitation

904L stainless steel price is expensive, due to high amount of molybdenum and nickel content, that lead to grade 904L are replaced by low cost grades, such as 316L, 317L, 2205, 6Mo and super duplex grades.

904L Pipe & Tube Standards

  • ASTM A 213 – seamless ferritic and austenitic alloy-steel boiler, super heater, and heat-exchanger tubes
  • ASTM A 249 – welded austenitic steel boiler, super heater, heat-exchanger, and condenser tubes
  • ASTM A 269 – seamless and welded austenitic stainless steel tubing for general service
  • ASTM A 312 – seamless, welded, and heavily cold worked austenitic stainless steel pipes
  • ASTM A 358 – electric-fusion-welded austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel pipe for high-temperature service and general applications
  • ASTM B 673 – uns n08904, uns n08925, and uns n08926 welded pipe
  • ASTM B 674 – uns n08904, uns n08925, and uns n08926 welded tube
  • ASTM B 677 – uns n08904, uns n08925, and uns n08926 seamless pipe and tube


  • Petroleum and petrochemical equipment, for example: Reactor
  • Storage and transportation equipment of sulphuric acid, for example: heat exchanger
  • Sea water treatment equipment, sea water heat exchanger
  • Paper industry equipment, sulfuric acid, nitric acid equipment, making acid, pharmaceutical industry
  • Pressure vessel
  • Food equipment

We are a professional seamless & welded 904L stainless steel pipe supplier, 904L pipe have excellent corrosion resistance in sulphuric acid, ethylic acid, phosphoric acid environment.

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