ASTM A213 Heat Exchanger Tube

A213 heat exchanger tube are widely used for heat system in many industries, there are many grades to select for seamless tubes as ASTM A213, grades contain 304/304L, 316/316L and other stainless steels, excellent performance in heating and high pressure environments.

Tube heat exchanger require high quality stainless steel tubes to meet harsh environment, excellent expanding and clear surface are important to install tubes for heat exchanger, straighten tubes and U bend tubes are available as ASTM A213 / SA213.

Basic specification
  • Manufacturing: Cold drawn, cold rolled
  • Specification: ASTM A213, ASME SA213
  • Grades: TP304 / 304L, TP316 / TP316L, TP321 / TP321H, 2205 / S31803, TP310S, 904
  • Finishing: Annealing pickling, bright annealing, polishing
  • Outside diameter: 15.8, 16, 19.05, 22, 25.4, 31.8, 38.1, 50.8, 60.3 mm etc.
  • Thickness: 0.71, 0.89, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.65, 2.11, 2.77 mm etc.
  • Length: fixed length or random length, U tube max length 30 meters.
  • Ends: Plain ends, square cutting

A213 Heat Exchanger Tube features

DONGSHANG’s A213 heat exchanger tube size range include imperial and metric sizes, some smaller and larger diameter dimensions can be offered as standard or customer requirement, for U bending seamless tubes, max bending portion 1500 mm and max length 30 meters, tolerance in outside diameter and wall thickness should be complying with A1016/M, if not specified, minimum wall thickness should be offered, average wall thickness can be supplied with agreement.

A213 Heat Exchanger Tube Quality Control

DONGSHANG mills produce A213 seamless tubes for heat exchanger, boiler, super heater, condenser and evaporator complying with quality management system in every stage of manufacturing process, quality department make sure each tube should be high quality tubes, and have long life in various applications.

  • Chemical composition analysis via MPI tester, and each heat via direct reading spectrometer
  • Tension Test, Flattening Test, Flaring Test, Hardness Test
  • Visual inspection for surface condition
  • Dimension: outside diameter, wall thickness and length test should be carried out as standard.
  • 100% eddy current test
  • 100% hydrostatic test
  • ultrasonic tes
  • intergranular corrosion test
  • Grain size test
A213 Heat Exchanger Tube