Heat Exchanger Tube

Heat Exchanger Tube is major component part in heat transfer system, which transfer heat from one fluid to another fluid, shell and tube heat exchanger is the most popular type, and requiring number of tubes inside it to form tube bundle, these tubes insert and joint to tube sheet as a whole.

Stainless Steel Material

We specialize in stainless steel tube for heat exchanger, stainless steel material has a ideal properties to suit heat exchanger applications, obviously, different grades provide special properties.

Depending on applied environment to select proper stainless steel grades, common material include TP304, TP304L, TP316L, TP321, TP347, S32205/2205, and partial Ferritic steel grades.

Welded, Seamless Tube

Welded and seamless tubes are available for heat exchanger, main specifications have ASTM A249 and ASTM A213 separately, we manufacture welded tubes using TIG welding method starting from coil strip, cost effective and tight tolerance are main advantages for welded tube.

Seamless tubes is another way to be produced, made from billet by cold drawing and cold rolled extrusion process, compared to welded tube, seamless type tube usually have a long life usage, not easy to corrosion.

Tube Sizes and Dimensions

Normal tube outside diameters are 15.88 mm, 19.05 mm, 25.4 mm and 31.8 mm, smaller or larger diameter tube is also offered, tube wall thickness ranges from 0.71 to 2.11 mm, BWG 14 to 22, thinner wall for welded tube is available.

Average wall and minimum wall are options according to heat exchanger designers calculation, also choose straight tubes and U shape tubes.

Expansion: tubes are commonly expanded to joint to tube sheet, according to failure analysis, inferior tube is likely to damage or corrosion after expansion, because heat exchanger is applied in high temperate, low temperate and corrosion environment, high quality tubes are strongly required.

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A213 317 317L Stainless Steel Seamless Tube ASTM A213 317 317L Stainless Steel Seamless Tube

DONGSHANG Stainless supply ASTM A317 317L stainless steel seamless tube used for many industries, TP317 / 317L stainless steel grade.

ASTM A213 Duplex Stainless Steel Tube ASTM A213 Duplex Stainless Steel Tube

DONGSHANG Stainless produce ASTM A213 duplex stainless steel tube, stainless grades cover alloy steel, Ferritic steel, Austenitic steel and duplex steel.

ASTM A213 TP304 Stainless Steel Seamless Tube ASTM A213 TP304 Stainless Steel Seamless Tube

DONGSHANG Stainless is a supplier specializing in ASTM A213 TP304 Stainless Steel Seamless Tube since 2006, stainless steel 304 / 304L grade,

A249 316 316L Stainless Steel Tube ASTM A249 TP316 TP316L Stainless Steel Tube

A249 316 316L stainless steel tube is applied for boiler, heat exchanger, condenser equipment, stainless steel 316/316L is excellent corrosion resistance.

stainless steel u bending tube Stainless Steel U Bending Tube

DONGSHANG STAINLESSS produce Stainless steel U bending tube is used for high temperature or low temperature system, especially in heat exchanger and boiler.

stainless steel heat exchanger tube Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Tube

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Tube is generally used for boiler, heat exchanger, condenser, standards are A249 welded tube and A213 seamless tube, 304 / 304L, 316 / 316L stainless steel grades.