Polishing Stainless Steel Tubing

DONGSHANG STAINLESS produce polishing stainless steel tubing and pipe with seamless & welded type, stainless steel grades include 201, 304/304L, 316/316L and other stainless steel, we offer a wide range size stainless steel tubing to meet our customer applications.

Polishing finishing is a very important stage in stainless steel tubing producing process, polishing will make welding seam integrity with base metal after heat treatment, and have a visible bright surface, furthermore, it can make a uniform and smooth surface, and easy to clean, no dark scale on tubing surface, so stainless steel polishing tube is wide used in food processing, bear, beverage, drinking water, polished tubing have a low Ra value in roughness.

Polishing tube in outside surface of tube is used for construction like handrail required a bright surface, also polishing inside surface for stainless steel sanity tube confirming to ASTM A270 specification

stainless steel polishing grades

  • 120 grit
  • 189 grit
  • 320 grit
  • 400 grit
  • 600 grit
polishing stainless steel tubing
A270 polishing stainless steel sanitary tubing

various forms Polishing Stainless Steel Tubing