Stainless Steel Bar

We are manufacture and stocker of stainless steel bar, DONGSHANG offer wide range sizes of stainless steel bars to meet various demand, stainless steel materials have high strength and good corrosion resistance, the bars can be used in industrial, machining and fabrication applications.

There are several specifications cover hot-finished or cold-finished bars, stainless steel bar should be produced conforming to these standards and specifications, like ASTM A276, the shapes have round bar, square bar, hex bar and flat bar.

Stainless Steel Bar specifications

ASTM A276 / A276M Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Bars and Shapes

ASTM A479 / A479M Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Bars and Shapes for Use in Boilers and Other Pressure Vessels

ASTM A484 / A484M Standard Specification for General Requirements for Stainless Steel Bars, Billets, and Forgings

ASTM A582 / A582M Standard Specification for Free-Machining Stainless Steel Bars

Stainless Steel Grades

Stainless steel grades are available for bars which include Austenitic, Austenitic-ferritic (Duplex), Ferritic, and Martensitic grades, these grades have specific properties applied in specific applications, common stainless steel include 304/304L, 316/316L, 321, 347 and 400 series grades, with multiple surface finish options.
Stainless steel gradesChemical composition % by mass max unless stated
S30400 A276 for bar3040.
S30403 A276 for bar304L0.0301.002.000.0450.03018.0/20.08.0/12.0
S316003160.080.752.000.0450.03016.0/18.02.00/3.0010.0/14.0N 0.10
S31603316L0.0300.752.000.0450.03016.0/18.02.00/3.0010.0/14.0N 0.10
S31635316Ti0.080.752.000.0450.03016.0/18.02.00/3.0010.0/14.0Ti 5x (C+N) / 0.70 N 0.10
S317003170.080.752.000.0450.03018.0/20.03.0/4.011.0/15.0N 0.10
S31703317L0.0300.752.000.0450.03018.0/20.03.00/4.0011.0/15.0N 0.10
S321003210.080.752.000.0450.03017.0/19.09.0/12.0Ti 5 x C min/0.70 N 0.10
S347003470.080.752.000.0450.03017.0/19.09.0/13.0Nb+Ta 10 x C min/1.0

Stainless Steel Bar Shapes and types

Stainless steel size range from 5 mm – 500 mm, the length can be random or cut into fixed length, we offer tight sizes and dimensions stainless steel bars, there are several shapes for option, round bar, square bar, hexagon bar, flat bar, we have large stainless steel bar stock and various size for option.

Stainless Steel Round Bar

Stainless Steel Square Bar

Stainless Steel Hexagon Bar

Stainless Steel Flat Bar

Stainless Steel Bar Tolerances

Stainless steel bar permitted variations in size should be in accordance with standard, the tolerances are stated in ASTM A484 specification, cold finfished and hot finished bar tolerances separately showed, there are also different shapes on different tolerance, like round bar, square bar, hex bar and flat bar, cold finished round bar tolerances is showed below.

Size Tolerances – Cold Finished Round Bars – A484
、Specified Sizes Inches (mm)Over in. (mm)Under in. (mm)
.1/16 to 5/16” (1.5 to 8.00), excl0.001 (0.03)0.001 (0.03)
5/16” to 1/2” (8.0 to 13.0) excl0.0015 (0.04)0.0015 (0.04)
1/2 to 1” (13.0 to 25.0) excl0.002 (0.05)0.002 (0.05)
1” to 1-1/2” (25.0 tp 38.0) excl0.0025 (0.06)0.0025 (0.06)
1-1/2” to 3-1/4” (38.0 to 83.0) excl0.003 (0.08)0.003 (0.08)
3-1/4” t o4”  (83.0 to 100) excl0.005 (0.13)0.005 (0.13)

Manufacture and Conditions

Cold finished is common method for stainless steel bar, made from stainless steel plate or strip, cold forming and extrusion, then cold drawn and annealed process be carried out, make bar surface bright and smooth, polishing service is available.

  • hot worked
  • hot worked and annealed
  • hot worked, annealed and cold worked
  • hot worked, annealed, and heat treated
stainless steel bar