Stainless Steel Tube & Pipe Price

There are many factors to affect stainless steel tube & pipe price, as a leading stainless steel tube and stainless steel pipe manufacturer $ suppliers in China, we try to offer reasonable and exact price for clients option, we have price calculator system to list price in variety of conditions.

In our aspect, we think there are three main decisive factors to stainless steel tube and pipe, material price, technology price as well as sizes and dimensions, for manufacturer, material price is not under control, we only improve producing technical, and reduce cost as we can to offer the best price, competing with other suppliers all over the world.

Stainless Steel Price

Stainless steel material price is basis aspect, of course, different suppliers have different cost, also in price, therefore, we just research alloy elements to impact on stainless steel price here.

As we know, stainless steel consist of various chemical elements, refine these alloys to form stainless steel, these elements include Silicon (Si), Manganese (Mn), Phosphorus (P), Sulfur (S), Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni), Molybdenum (Mo), Titanium(Ti), Copper (Cu) and others.

Among these alloys, we have to refer to Nickel content, after study, we can see stainless steel price is relevant with Nickel price, Nickel is a expensive element.

The following curve chart show stainless steel and LME Nickel price trend from April 2006 to April 2017, blue line represents stainless steel price, red line means LME (London Metal Exchange) Nickel price.

stainless steel LME nickel price

Stainless steel price is up and down with Nickel price in the market on the whole trend, in common condition, stainless steel price lay behind Nickel price.

Stainless Steel have many steel grades, mainly categorized in Austenitic steels, Ferritic steels, Martensitic steels and duplex steels, different grades have different chemical composition, so there are different price, users should choose proper stainless grade according to applications.

We offer common used stainless steel sheet price list to compare these grades, they are cold rolled 2B finishes.

Grade/WT (mm) 304 316L 321 430 409L
0.3 17950        
0.4 16750 24300   13450  
0.5 16350 23400   12150 9200
0.6 16250 23300   11950 9100
0.7 16100 23100   11850 8900
0.8 16000 22900 18800 11650 8900
0.9 15900 22850 18700 11500 8500
1.0 15900 22800 18700 11450 8500
1.2 15700 22700 18500 11300 8400
1.5 15700 22500 18450 11050 8400
2.0 15700 22400 18350 11000 8400
2.5 15600 22400 18350 10950 8400
3.0 16600 22400 19350 10950 8400
4.0 16100 23350 19150    
5.0 16100 23350 19150    
6.0 16700 23950 19200    

Tube and Pipe Manufacturing Technology

welded and seamless tube & pipe types are two producing process by manufacturing technology, they are different, manufactures should calculate the cost during manufacturing process, maybe every manufacture have different cost, high cost requires to improve technology to enhance competitiveness in price.

Welded Tube & Pipe Price

Welded tube and pipe start from strip or plate, welding two edges by welding technology to form final products, there are different welding methods to opt, obviously, costs are different, main welding methods list following

  • TIG
  • ERW
  • ERW
  • HFW

These main popular types are different costs, including equipment cost, material cost and energy cost, they affect total cost in tube & pipe price, and result in different welding quality, users should specify concern welding method if need.

Seamless Tube & Pipe Price

Seamless tube & pipe start from billet, in comparison with welded tube & pipe, seamless tube & pipe producing procedure is more complex, main process include cold drawing, cold rolling, heat treated and pickling, some process need to be repeated, which result in more cost, seamless tube & pipe use off line furnace for heat treatment, which generates more cost as well.

Therefore, seamless tube & pipe usually have longer production time, However, seamless type have higher strength and excellent properties to resist corrosion attack.

Choosing which type tube & pipe depend on final user application, of course, price is a important factor, proper price is beneficial to manufactures and buyers.

Stainless Steel Tube & Pipe Price

Tube & Pipe Sizes

There are many sizes and dimensions for stainless steel tube & pipe to meet various applications, such as large diameter pipe, small diameter tubing, thin wall tube as well as heavy wall pipe.

Different sizes may be different producing process, and have different cost too, complex process mean high price.

Tube size is expressed to different unit, like inch, mm, foot and meter, these unit can be convert each other if requred, so tube & pipe price is often offered in various forms, in general, stainless steel tube & pipe per meter and per pound are popular, seamless type use weight unit to delivery.

Checking stainless steel tube sizes and weight for reference.

In conclusion

As a China stainless steel tube & pipe supplier, we analyze main factors to impact on tube and pipe price, material price ( stainless steel price ), manufacturing technology ( welded and seamless ) and sizes, we should calculate the price in reasonable conditions, and offer competitive price, there are other factors to affect price, like value additional service required, bright annealing, polishing, cutting and others.